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На Снобе интервью с Филиппом де Монтебелло - ответы на детские вопросы о музее Метрополитен
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Одни из моих самых любимых музейных сайтов:


Tate Online
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Нью-Йоркцы, не пропустите! Завидуууююююю. Заодно на принца Оранского и принцессу Максиму полюбуетесь :)

Henry Hudson 400 New York and Amsterdam - the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's legendary voyage for the Dutch to the Hudson River and New York


1)Early on September 1, 2009, a fleet of distinctive Dutch flat bottom boats will sail with great fanfare into New York Harbor

2)The Glory of Dutch Bulbs: A Legacy of 400 Years


4)An educational program for children ages ten and up in Dutch and English about Henry Hudson, Amsterdam and New York

И отдельно про Вермеера:

New York, NY - On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s historic voyage from the Netherlands to New York, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is sending The Milkmaid, perhaps the most admired painting by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675), to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. To celebrate this extraordinary loan, the Metropolitan Museum will present Vermeer’s Masterpiece The Milkmaid, a special exhibition beginning on September 10, which will also include all five paintings by Vermeer from its collection, as well as a select group of works by other Dutch artists, placing Vermeer’s superb picture in its historical context. The exhibition will mark the first time that the painting has traveled to the United States since it was exhibited at the 1939 World’s Fair 70 years ago
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Френды, которые недавно были в Rijksmuseum в Амстердаме, расскажите из первых уст (сайт я уже читала), что там происходит в свете реконструкции музея? Много ли чего закрыто? Я так понимаю, что работы будут закончены только к 2012-2013 году, а так долго мне ждать не хочется :)
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Как-то мимо меня прошло: Philippe De Montebello is retiring as Director and Chief Executive Officer of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Это же целая эпоха...

А вот про поиски замены Let the Horse Race Begin: The Search for a Successor
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В Бостон колледже с 1 сентября выставка Pollock Matters, на которой будут представлены среди прочего 25 так называемых "Experimental" Works, которые нашли в кладовке у Герберта Мэттера, и подлинность которых до сих пор толком не удалось установить.
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Если кому-то интересно, в воскресном выпуске NYT статья о Филиппе де Монтебелло, который вот уже 30 лет является директором художественного музея Метрополитен, и о его возможном уходе на пенсию (странно звучит применительно к такому мужчине).

"The trustees originally turned to Mr. de Montebello partly because he was already doing a lot of Mr. Hoving’s job and partly, presumably, because he is a casting director’s dream of an Old World European. He was not a wildman, but a bespectacled, nicely tailored aesthete. In addition to his accent, he has looks, manners, wit and a touch of hauteur. He also has a lengthy cultural and literary pedigree. His father was a fighter in the Resistance and a French count, a direct descendant of Marshal Jean Lannes, one of Napoleon’s favorite generals. His great-grandmother was a model for Proust’s Duchesse de Guermantes, and the art historian John Richardson speculates that another ancestor was a model for Proust’s playwright character Bloch. An aunt, Marie-Laure de Noailles, was a friend of Picasso and a patron of the Surrealists."

Кстати, вот то, чего, по-моему, сильно не хватает директору Бостонского MFA Малколму Роджерсу - "He understands that a museum doesn’t exist just to make a profit or to please the trustees."

Как раз об этом - "And curators like Mr. Christiansen and Mr. Goldner, who has a dim view of most museum directors, calling them “pipsqueaks” and “a lamentable lot,” would like to keep it that way. They worry that Mr. de Montebello’s successor will turn out to be a slasher like Arnold L. Lehman of the Brooklyn Museum or Malcolm Rogers of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, who completely reorganized their museums, cutting lots of curatorial jobs in the process, and then went on to mount exhibitions based on “Star Wars” or Ralph Lauren’s car collection. They also dread someone in the grip of trendy sociological ideas, the kind of director who might have made sure that the Greek and Roman galleries included an exhibition about, say, the role of slavery in creating classical art or about the second-class status of women."

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Photo:Damon Winter/The New York Times. Copyright 2007 The New York Times Company
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В следующий приезд в Нью-Йорк обязательно пойти вот сюда:

Neue Galerie

Немецкое и австрийское искусство начала XX века.
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